Comedy Horror

Bad Things In The Middle Of Nowhere

A group of criminals lay low in the remote Irish countryside after pulling off an audacious robbery. As they plan their escape, they quickly realise the robbery will be the last thing to go right for them.

In Dublin, Ireland, a highly prominent crime family have been the target of a high profile robbery by four assailants wearing frog masks to disguise themselves. Two of those assailants, Dancer and Gaz are hiding from law enforcement following a shootout at the scene of the crime. As they attempt to make their escape to the countryside, they encounter Clare, the youngest sister of the Lynch Family. She confronts the two and draws a gun on them. Dancer tries to calm her down before she opens fire on him, but remarkably, she misses. Dancer knocks Clare out and turns around to find Gaz has been shot in the leg.

Another one of the assailants, Frankie, is the first to arrive at the getaway house deep in the Irish countryside. The final of the four assailants, Momo, was supposed to arrive at the house first but Frankie discovers he’s absent. In the process of looking for a key to the house, Frankie bumps into Sadie, the next door neighbour, who quizzes him about what he’s doing. Sadie eventually gives Frankie a spare key to the house and leaves him be. Frankie enters the house and opens an envelope containing a burner phone from the Chief, the mastermind of the operation, instructing him to wait for his call. Frankie takes a nap and is startled awake by a mysterious phone call from someone telling him he’s being watched and to get out of the house. As the phone call drops, Frankie thinks he sees a mysterious figure out the window but his attention is then switched to the arrival of a car.

Dancer shows up at the house and points a gun at Frankie and accuses him of ratting them out. After protesting his innocence, the two go to the car and retrieve Gaz, who is bleeding out in the back of the car as a result of the gun shot from Clare. They get Gaz inside and Frankie quizzes the other two about what went wrong on the job. Gaz privately tells Frankie that Dancer’s done something to sabotage them. Gaz is brought into the bedroom, and sees a mysterious woman standing outside his window, but she departs before Frankie can see. After bringing Gaz into the bedroom, Frankie follows up on what happened, and Dancer is forced to reveal he has Clare tied up in the back of the car. Just as they open the trunk of the car, Sadie shows up. Dancer keeps a gun on Clare to prevent her from speaking, as Frankie tries desperately to keep Sadie from noticing. After Sadie leaves, they finally bring Clare into the house.

After bringing Clare into the kitchen, Frankie and Dancer theorize on what the next step is and try to figure out what happened to Momo. Clare encourages Dancer to ring up the hospital to find out if anything happened to Momo, which he promptly does, despite discouragement from Frankie. Despite this, they discover there’s still no trace of Momo. Later, a police detective shows up at the house much to the dismay of Frankie and Dancer. Dancer keeps a gun on Clare while Frankie answers the door, where the detective interrogates him about a local missing couple. Frankie is able to get the detective to depart without investigating the house.

The boys get a phone call from the Chief. Suspicious of Sadie, the Chief commands Frankie to go over and figure out what she knows. Frankie makes his way over to Sadie’s house and tries to find out what she told the detective. Meanwhile, back at the house, Clare has managed to seduce Dancer into untying her. She then takes his knife and stabs him in the shoulder before making a quick escape. Frankie returns from Sadie’s house and finds Dancer on the floor, struggling. A furious Frankie forces Dancer to come with him to look for Clare in the woods. After examining the woods, they find Clare’s bloody jumper but no Clare.

Frankie and Dancer return to the house and find the Chief has finally arrived at the house. The boys are spooked and want to leave but the Chief insists they stay the night. He instructs Dancer to go investigate Sadie’s house now, much to the frustration of Frankie. Dancer goes over to Sadie’s house, but Sadie isn’t there. He finds Momo’s bags from the robbery in the dining, and later finds Clare and Momo tied up in the basement, hooked up to IV drips. As Dancer tries to rescue Momo, he encounters the mysterious woman from the window earlier. The woman lunges at Dancer and takes a bite out of his shoulder, but upon tasting the cocaine filled blood, she spits it out in disgust and Dancer makes a run for it. Back at the house, the Chief and Frankie are examining Gaz’s worsened condition when Sadie appears, asking to take a look at him. After insisting there’s nothing that can be done for Gaz, the Chief brutally shoots him in the head.

Dancer returns to the house in a state of panic, and tries to encourage Frankie and the Chief to kill Sadie immediately, insisting she’s a monster. Sadie reveals herself to be a vampire and hastily kills the Chief in front of them. Dancer tries to one up Sadie by revealing himself to be a werewolf, but his ‘transformation’ is merely a cocaine induced hallucinogenic fit. Dancer pleads with Sadie to turn him into a vampire but instead Sadie snaps his neck. Frankie tries to make an escape from the house but Sadie catches up to him and promptly murders him too.

The following morning, the house has been taped up by police and a news reporter says that five bodies have been found, believed to be associated with the robbery. In a mid-credits scene, Sadie switches off a radio and is revealed to have the missing couple the detective was looking for tied up in her basement. She takes a bite out of the woman as we fade to black.

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Owen Roe, Louise Bourke, Joseph McGucken


Garry Walsh


Bryan Walsh, Garry Walsh




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