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An Eclectic Christmas

Based on the story “A Vintage Christmas” written by Melissa Hill. When a vintage store owner passes away, she leaves instructions in her will for her inventory to be distributed as Christmas gifts and her out-of-town niece must seek help from a handsome local to identify the recipients from the clues provided.

Kim Astor has created a career for herself in Los Angeles, as a personal trainer to the rich and famous – in fact, she’s training high-maintenance TV personality Ellie Frazier. But every holiday time since Kim was a girl, she’s stayed for months in the tiny town of Forestbrook, spending time with her Aunt Frieda – the eccentric owner of Little Treasures Ecclectic, the local fun and funky vintage shop. While Kim never had the love for knick-knacks that her Aunt did, Kim adored the woman and the two of them were very close.

When Frieda’s best friend and attorney Leonard Perez suddenly brings news of Kim’s Aunt’s unexpected passing, it hits Kim very hard. But even more difficult is seeing old flame Scott Collins again upon returning to town – the fiancé who decided to cancel their engagement, then man she could never get over. Turns out, he is there to take over for his health-failing Dad, Dudley Collins, as real estate broker to help ensure the sale of the store (which Kim had requested).
However, things get even more complicated when Leonard lets Kim and Scott know that the store isn’t actually fully free and clear to sell. There’s a special caveat in Frieda’s will which involves a bit of a Christmas scavenger hunt – complete with difficult to decipher rhyming clues and donations of tiems from the store for certain select recipients – which all must be figured out and completed before any sale can occur.

Kim and Scott must work together to solve Frieda’s final fun game, not knowing if it will bring them together or pull them apart for good.

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Hannah Galway, Jeremy Walmsley, Jill Frappier, Daniel Kash


Lane Shefter Bishop


Isabel Dréan


Lane Shefter Bishop, Michael McGuigan, Alicja Wicinski


Leanne Brennan




90 mins
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