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Mistletoe and Molly

Mistletoe and Molly follows Molly, a waitress who is determined to become a PR exec to get out from under her controlling father’s thumb but ends up falling for an image consultant who’s just like him and must decide if her pride is worth losing the guy she’s fallen in love with.

Broke and needing her car fixed – along with the usual food and rent – Molly Bishop is contemplating donating a kidney for the much-needed money – not really, but she’s running out of options. Working as a waitress and helping at local animal shelters just isn’t paying the bills. Desperate not to rely on her controlling father’s money, she’s determined to land a job at a PR firm just before the holidays, especially since the café is closing at the end of the year.

When consultant and café regular Aiden Ford overhears Molly’s financial woes, he leaves his business card and enough cash to get her car back from the shop as a “tip”. When Molly tries to return the money, Aiden refuses – but finds out later she’s snuck it back into his coat pocket. Aiden ultimately surprises her by having her car repaired – and they soon realize that there may be more to their friendly feud than they realized.
As her feelings grow, Molly is conflicted. She can’t possibly be in love with a man so much like her father -  wealthy, workaholic – can she? But then Molly meets Aiden’s sister Samantha and witnesses Aiden’s relationship with his nephew, Josh (who is hearing impaired). And Molly sees another side of the man she’s misjudged, one she could definitely fall in love with.

But when Molly discovers Aiden has involved himself in her potential job opportunity – the one thing she asked him specifically not to do – it threatens to ruin their budding relationship. It’s important to Molly that she make it all on her own and if Aiden didn’t understand that, he never really knew her at all…

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Lane Shefter Bishop


Jennifer Snow, Joshua Roach


Adam Rodness


Ira Levy, Michael McGuigan, Lane Shefter Bishop, Milt Roberts, Joy Naftulin, Craig McGillivray




88 mins