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The Holiday Swap

An A-type personality discovers her suitcase of electronics was accidentally swapped with an identical suitcase on a plane trip in The Holiday Swap, and in trying to fix the mix-up she rekindles a relationship with an old flame but must decide whether to abandon her workaholic ways to give them a second chance.

Workaholic executive Ally Walters, though never interested in taking time off to vacation, reluctantly agrees to go to her best friend’s lodge for the holidays. But when her bag is swapped with a stranger’s on the airplane, she finds herself unexpectedly drawn to the author’s manuscript found inside and becomes determined to find its owner. Added to that, she really needs all of her tech back from her own bag – to say nothing of the clothing …

Once at the lodge, Ally finds that all isn’t perfect in paradise either. While her friend Lara and her boyfriend Derek have been together for years, he has yet to propose. Also, they’ve invited Derek’s brother Jake to dinner. Jake and Ally dated for quite a while, years ago, but they broke up because of their completely opposite lifestyles – he truly loves the outdoors (she only loves it through a picture window) and is a luddite when it comes to anything electrical, while Ally lives for her computer and phone tech as well as her fast-paced city. And in that respect, nothing has changed.
Things become further complicated when Jake’s beautiful friend Heidi shows up unexpectedly for the holidays. So, while Lara was hoping that prep for the yearly Snowy Ball would help Ally and Jake spend more time together and see what they’ve been missing, Heidi’s appearance has thrown a wrench in all of those plans.

But perhaps with a little luck, this second opportunity will ultimately be the charm. Perhaps this time, while Ally searches for the reclusive romance author, she and Jake can find a way to get back together on some middle ground – just in time for Christmas.


Based on the novella “A Lot Like Christmas” written by Melissa Hill

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Lane Shefter Bishop


Isabel Dréan


Lane Shefter Bishop, Michael McGuigan, Alicja Wicinski


Leanne Brennan


Alex Paxton-Beesley, Morgan David Jones, Vanessa Jackson, Kym Wyatt McKenzie




90 mins